The Rehab Centre’s Forms

If you would you like to save some time before you come in to see us, please download and print the appropriate forms prior to your visit. This will save you at least 15 minutes.

If you are seeing us for a Motor Vehicle Accident or a Work Place Claim (WSIB), please also download and complete the related form (MVA Form or WSIB Form).


Should you have any questions or concerns regarding these forms, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Chiropractic Forms – Initial Chiropractic Forms

Physiotherapy Forms – Initial Physiotherapy Forms

Registered Massage Therapy – Initial R.M.T. Form

Motor Vehicle Accident Forms – MVA Form

Work Place Injury  Forms – Initial R.M.T. Form

The Rehab Centre’s Fees

Chiropractic Care

Initial Visit

Initial Extended Visit

Subsequent Visit – Adjustment

Subsequent Visit – Extended Adjustment

Subsequent Visit – Adjustment (Seniors)


Progress Report + Re-evaluation

Custom-made Orthotics

Modified Orthopedic Shoe

Notes (Work/School/Insurance)

Form Completion (WSIB/Disability/Insurance)












Shockwave Therapy

Initial Visit

Subsequent Visit



Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Bootcamp

Initial Visit

Subsequent Visit




Initial Visit – 45 minutes

Subsequent Visit – 30 minutes

Subsequent Visit – 45 minutes

Re-evaluation – 45 minutes

(new injury and/or 6 month since last visit)





Massage Therapy

60 Minutes

45 Minutes

30 Minutes

*Please note: HST Included




Naturopathic Medicine

Initial Visit

Subsequent Visit (60min)

Subsequent Visit (30min)




Osteopathic Therapy

Initial Visit (45min)

Subsequent Visit (45min)




Initial Visit (60 mins)

Acupuncture Session (45 mins)